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Identify thought patterns, break negative thought loops & initiate positive ones


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nitiate behavioural changes, learn how to manage your thoughts & emotions


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What to Expect ?

nitiate behavioural changes, learn how to manage your thoughts & emotions


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I truly wouldn't have been able to do half the work I did without CourseFinder’s assistance. They really kept me motivated and looking forward and also were so confident for me to get through one of the best universities in Canada for my MBA program. My CourseFinder counselor was a mentor, guide and friend. She stood by and supported me at all times. Our work together consisted of through video calls, one on one meetings and rigorous working on brainstorming sessions. She assisted me in finding the right university for me academically, socially, and overall where I would find my place best. As a CA professional, I found that my counselor was extremely mindful of the stressful deadlines I had to deal with; yet, she was persistent that we work hard. She did more than help me understand how to attack my essays, advise my college choices, and guide the process, she developed an extremely important relationship with me as a student. I genuinely appreciate her help this year and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to work with her on a personal level; my counselor was a pleasure and extremely helpful. Once again, thank you so much.

Nihal Rajendran Unnikrishnan Schulich business school canada MBA, Canada

Getting into LBS in itself is a big achievement, here comes CourseFinder who can make your dreams come true to study at the best top QS world ranking universities. I loved that my counselor was well knowledged, knew about the selection process of LBS. The amazing brainstorming sessions, resume editors, and my essay editors were up to the mark. LBS has almost more than 10+ essays and write ups. When I saw the number of essays and the long process of LBS I was just frozen but they motivated me and I began my process with them. From Building profils, CV with cover letters, SOP, LOR’s Essays no time was wasted it was just straight and smooth. I thoroughly enjoyed the process and right now studying at LBS.

Kashish Bhimjiani MSc in Financial Analysis, London Business School, (UK).

The process of applying to universities felt terribly daunting before I even started, but after talking to my counselor and realizing the support I had, everything seemed entirely achievable. Thanks to CourseFinder, and their assistance, I was able to get accepted to one of the top Russel Group UK universities which was my personal favorite. In addition to making the application process bearable, they also assisted me with all that followed, for which I was not even aware that I should be ready. I want to really appreciate them for their time and guidance since I'm now exactly where I want to be and I'm not sure I could have done it without them. Without their assistance, the process would have been much more challenging and stressful.

Animesh Joshi MSc in Global Health; King's College London (UK)

The moment I walked in here, the sense of belonging and homeliness doesn't leave you. Special thanks to my mentor at CourseFinder who was always present to answer the questions. I was given that confidence to get into the best Russell group universities with the course I want to study. I could get into my dream WBS university only because they guided me and helped me to build my profile holistically, before I was ready to submit my apps to all the top notch universities globally. After even getting admits from most of the best universities in the world be it IVY, of Canada, or Russell’s I was still confused in choosing amongst them. My Mentor at CourseFinder gave me a clear comparison of the universities and I chose to study at WBS.

Hitanshu Gokani MSc in Business and Finance; Warwick Business School (UK)

Half-way through high school, I was in a state of confusion. Neither did I know where I wanted to go for university, nor did I have any idea of what area of engineering or technology I wanted to study. CourseFinder, however, proved to be an invaluable guide and mentor throughout the whole university application procedure. My Go to Counselor at CourseFinder counseled my parents as well for letting me choose what I like and what I wanted to study. From suggesting studying Artificial Intelligence in the US, to guiding me through my student visa application, I can say with confidence that my counselor played a major role in providing me with what I see were the most important pieces of information I needed during my university application process. And although the decision was completely mine, she gave me her personal opinions on what university to pick when the time came to choose. Applying to so many universities across the US for engineering she told me to choose University of California Davis and gave reasons for the same. Missing deadlines or misunderstanding emails from the university were impossible as my counselor was always a few moments away from answering any question I had. Working with my counselor eliminated any of the normal anxiety experienced during this process. Out of all the decisions that had to be made during the last year, getting help from her was definitely the most rewarding.

Dhrish Kamdar BSc in Computer Science, University of California, Davis (USA).

“ I am overjoyed to announce that I have been admitted to Newcastle University Australia for my Masters of Architecture program.

CourseFinder was recommended by one of my friends, as I was very pleased to have them during my entire journey of course selection, college selection and even country selection. All the mentors here have helped me in my entire process. It's like a home where you can ask as many questions as you can and go with the light heart with no fear of leaving your country, your home and going towards the life journey where you will face different challenges. The best part was, I was made aware of challenges that I would face in the foreign country and how do I overcome that. They were reachable even when I went to Australia, at any given point of time. Thank you for everything and I highly recommend every student to get in touch with CFI and experience your best study abroad experience with a 360 degree view.

Siddesh Durgale Masters of Architecture, Newcastle University, Australia

I started working with CourseFinder at the end of my junior year. They helped me incredibly from narrowing down a list of universities, to writing my application essays and preparing for university interviews. Above all, my counselor at CourseFinder was always available to meet or to give me advice whenever I needed it at any hour. There was no limit on how much guidance I received. The resources, which I gained access to through her, were also imperative in my college application process and I cannot imagine having had to go through the process without her and her team. After hearing from all the universities I applied to, she helped guide me to deciding on QMUL London, an institution which I could not be happier to be attending. As an Indian attending university in London, it was also incredibly helpful to receive help with the scholarship applications, choosing the right accommodation, visa application process, and advice for the future. I am so grateful to have worked with her who gave me all the guidance and encouragement which got me to where I am now!

Priyank Ruparelia MSC Banking and Finance; Queen Mary University of London, (UK).

“They took care of me from the beginning, even after I left India and came to Spain . They have been helping me and helped me whenever I have difficulties even when I am in Spain. As I am not a Spanish Speaker, CourseFinder helped me to even know the basics of Spanish language so that I could survive here without any difficulties. With CourseFinder your study abroad experience is the smoothest.

Varun Thaker Masters of Concept Art program, Universal Arts School, Spain

I've known my entire life that I want to study abroad. But applying to one of the best destinations in the USA is a nightmare because of its strict deadlines, stringent visa processes and interviews made me scared. It appeared to be both fascinating and terrifyingly overpowering. Thankfully I had CourseFinder, they helped me through it all. They helped me find the right answers to all my questions. What course, what university, why the course, why the country. They answered how to apply and when. The best part of them is you connect well and you can talk to your counselor at any point of time. She was always available to answer your queries, being a working professional and Architect I used to only get time after my working hours where my counselor was always available to answer my queries at my own convenient time. I also received a $9000 scholarship per semester which also helped me to cut down on my expenses at UC. What seemed extremely scary became extremely exciting.

Gaurang Pawar Masters of Architecture, University of Cincinnati, USA.