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Career counselling

Don’t DIY career counselling

Career counselling is often misunderstood as general guidance about career planning. At Course Finder, we believe it is specific and extensive guidance that helps an individual make informed decisions about their career choices. Our process involves helping you identify their strengths or talents and matching them with jobs, which will make the most of their skills. We also encourage them to find out if they can still thrive in your prospective career paths.

Because out of thousands of career counselling centres, how many consider joblessness as a big problem that students are facing today? Only a handful! That’s why Course Finder focuses on defying unemployment more than anything. By guiding you towards the right academic direction, we ensure that students perform well and enjoy high job satisfaction in future

Career counselling

Choosing a career

Freshers and new graduates often lack a concrete idea of what they should pursue. They end up working at jobs that are ill-suited. When you have many choices, deciding on a particular career becomes difficult. Finding out how to apply, the best country to study in, the best university to get into, and the chances of acceptance become confusing.

But it’s not difficult to find information about the career of your interest. As we have entered into a digital era, most of the information is available through the internet. That said, the numerous choices can make it difficult to match your talent to a particular career. Pursuing higher education can be quite daunting. And at Course Finder, we understand this problem.

Course Finder helps such students realise the career option that is a good fit for their personality, interest, and aptitude. We provide you with one on one counselling sessions, guidance, and mentorship based on your psychometric career tests.

Our career experts have helped thousands of students like you and will guide you step by step until you enter your dream university


Career counselling

Should you DIY career counselling?

It is not an easy choice to make when you have many choices. Sometimes, there are so many choices for a particular career that it becomes difficult to decide which one is the right one. From the admission procedure to the duration of the course, there are a million things to consider before you fill out your application form. Therefore, we encourage students to partner with people who know what they are doing.

Course Finder helps countless students like you to find their way into their dream university every year. With a wide network of universities in Australia, NZ, Canada, and the UK, we help you get a quick admission into your desired course

Career counselling

Working with Course Finder’s career experts

Career experts often offer generic advice about how to choose a career. But we put you through a psychometric test and assess your skills, personality, interests, and values before developing a tailored action plan for you. We do that because our career counsellors are certified to do so!

Our team is passionate about helping you reach your potential and make the most of your talents. We make life-changing experiences as smooth and stress-free as possible for you.

Course Finder’s certified counsellors believe every student should have career counselling done from grade 8 so that they can choose the right program and understand their strengths and weaknesses. For this reason, we provide students with career counselling services right from grade 8 until the students wish to pursue a PhD. Not just that but we also take care of every aspect of your application, so you can put your mind at ease when making career decisions.

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Career Counselling Services

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