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What is the difference between a Career Counsellor and Overseas Study Counsellor?

A career counsellor will counsel you to select the best fit program or course or stream for you, keeping in mind the subjects you have chosen in your high school, your interests, abilities to absorb, your vision and your overall personality. However, the overseas study counsellor will help you to select the best fit university for the course you have been counselled by your academic or career counsellor. Overseas counsellors guide you with all your queries related to study abroad and academic career counsellors will help you to answer your queries related to courses, subjects and streams.

When can I start to apply for study abroad programs?

Depending on the school, application dates will vary, but in general, applications for programs beginning in the fall (September/October) will be accepted from the beginning of the year (January/February) until the middle of the year (June/July). We recommend you to start at least 8-9 months prior to your decided intake.

Will I need to attend an admission interview?

It depends from university to university and course to course.

How much does it cost to study abroad?

The costs of studying abroad can vary depending from country to country and course to course. The prices are divided into accommodation, tuition, living, insurance requirements, etc., making studying abroad an expensive affair, although, not to worry. At CourseFinder we work to provide a student with loans, scholarships etc. To get started click here (link)

Where can I find loans/scholarships to study abroad?

At Coursefinder we assist students in getting education loans and scholarships up to $50,000. We provide with Scholarships to Study in UK, Scholarships to study in US, Scholarships to Study in France, Scholarships to study in Australia and more.

What is the difference between study abroad program and a student exchange program?

The phrase "study abroad" is a catch-all phrase that refers to numerous programs or career options. The three most typical routes are direct enrolment, third-party provider programs, and exchange programs. In exchange programs, two universities collaborate and exchange students directly. This results in transferable credits and, in most cases, little program costs beyond the home institution's tuition.

Do I have to appear for any of the English proficiency tests compulsorily? (IELTS, TOFEL or Duolingo.)

India is not known as an English speaking country, if you are going abroad for your studies either it’s UG or PG one needs to prove your English proficiency. Hence, it is recommended to all the students to appear for their English proficiency tests. However, some universities waive off the English proficiency tests, depending on the student profile.

How can Profile Building help me to get an admission to my dream university?

Global university admits a student on an overall profile of, profile building will help the university to understand your profile in-depth and evaluate your overall profile before making a decision to admit a student.

What Is The Use Of Psychometric Tests In Career Counselling?

Career counsellors assist people in determining the line of work in which they are most content and effective. One should be able to recognize their areas of interest, strengths, and weaknesses, and should be able to improve their job-related skills. A person can work effectively once they have attained this level of self-awareness. As they may examine both observable and non-observable qualities, psychometric tools enable the individual to obtain a deeper understanding of who they are.

Where can I take the skill assessment/ career assessment test from?

The career assessment tests are completely online. You can enrol for them here. (LINK)

What is the process of career guidance?

For everyone who takes the assessment, we start the process with an accurate assessment of their style, interest, aptitude, personality traits, and emotional intelligence, which results in 5 best-fit career matches. We follow this up with one-on-one counselling with career coaches and subject matter experts who help you narrow down to your ideal career, in case you need assistance with doing so.

Why do I need career guidance?

Selecting a right career is the crucial decision in one’s life. Although a child is influenced by their peer groups, parents can end up choosing the wrong career. Hence, CourseFinder comes into play to provide a student with the right solution.

Can I take a free career assessment test?

No, you can connect to our advisor for further queries relating to pricing structure.