Find a place that you can call home

When you’re moving abroad to study, you need somewhere to call home. And finding the right accommodation thousands of miles away can be a daunting task

At Course Finder, our mission is to make international education a more efficient and enjoyable experience for every student. We offer accommodation assistance to students looking for long-term residence, so they can focus on learning without worrying about their safety.

The team at Course Finder helps students transition to a comfortable place to live for overseas education. For us, finding accommodation that suits best; is pleasant, safe, and economical; is incredibly crucial.

Therefore, we provide you with a variety of accommodation options ranging from finding on-campus residence to staying with a local host


We connect you with local hosts who share your country, city or language and are perfectly suited for your individual lifestyle

Dormitories and hostels

Find the most appropriate and budget-friendly dormitories and hostels for your stay abroad using our network

On-campus accommodations

Whether shared, single or studio, we can help you get a spot in on-campus housing without any hassles network

Student residencies

Explore your student residency options with our accommodation specialists and make your experience a rewarding one

Make finding home stress-free

We’re changing the way students live away from home because we believe that finding accommodation overseas need not be stressful.

Course Finder takes the hassle out of finding the right accommodation for you. Our goal is to make navigating accommodation abroad easier, cheaper and safer. Partner up with our team and start looking for your ideal living situation with the help of experts across the world

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