Access to the student's guide to getting internship and job opportunities

Every year, thousands of students end up with zero internship or job opportunities in their desired industry. So, before you consider applying for an internship or job opportunity, you need to make sure it is a prospect for success.

There is plenty to consider and research when it comes to choosing a profession. Because a career is not always about the money.

Our counsellors firmly believe that your professional goals should never be about making your boss or company happy. Instead, your job should allow you to focus more on your personal growth and happiness.

Career asset recognition

Entry-level jobs require skills and competencies not taught in school. We help students identify their best qualities, so they can optimize their best career assets.

Unique learning philosophy

Students with little experience choose jobs based on how easy they are. But we guide them to choose those that give them an edge in the job market after graduation.

Get noticed

With unemployment growing, students’ job prospects look bleaker year after year. We equip them with the right resources that help students to be noticed by recruiters.

Preparing for the job

Students often dream of working at a great company, but fear their preparation is not adequate. We remove the guesswork from your placement using a structured coaching format.

Internship and job opportunities

When you partner with Course Finder, we not only ensure that you get the right advice and guidance based on your skillset and goals but also provide you with the essential tools to speed up your way to success.

Our career coaching covers everything you need to maximize your professional opportunities, including industry analysis, interview preparation, resume review, soft skills training, networking sessions and complete job placement support.


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