Keep up with your child’s fast-paced academics via Parent Counselling and Workshops

Academics are changing rapidly and it is getting increasingly difficult for parents to provide their kids with that much-needed extra support. And even if they have the opportunity, they don’t know where and how to begin.

Course Finder runs workshops for parents who want to help support their children’s future career choices regardless of where they are from or the level of funding they have.

Our trusted team of certified counsellors offers professional advice and guidance that matter most for your kids when they start out on the road to professionalism.

Parent counselling

We equip clueless parents with the right counsel to groom their children and help them pursue the right career option in the future for optimal use of their talents.

Positive attitude

Our career counsellors work with parents to prepare their children for the challenges of choosing a career, allowing them to inculcate a positive attitude in the child towards their own education.

Insightful workshop

We help parents visualize their child's future in a globalised world, so the child does not have to settle for a career that does not make positive use of their skillset.

Utilize time at home

We realize that grooming is a continuous process. Our workshops familiarize parents with our unique approach to enable them to present the same philosophy at home to avoid confusion.

Parent Counselling and Workshops

The workshops are designed to keep you in the loop of your child’s future career and personal development, so you can help them identify an opportunity best suited for their interests and skills.

Besides, we have not limited our workshop to educating parents on how to groom their child at home for the next step.

We cover the variety of projects and contingencies that parents must explore with their children based on their skills and abilities


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