Interactive and flexible vocational guidance for students

We believe that college entrance strategies should be more than just choosing the right colleges. It should be a holistic process of inculcating a positive academic attitude and growth mindset in the students.

Students who are in grade 8-10 are in a very crucial stage of their education and can easily be affected by peers, family, and society. Thus, we help them make the right decisions at this stage to make choosing a career path easier for them

Identify talent

We help you understand how you can make assets of your weaknesses to improve your chance of getting into your desired institution


Get insights based on your aptitude test scores to learn about your strengths and weaknesses.

Customized coaching

We offer a tailored roadmap designed to match your interests, strengths and skillset, so you can better prepare for tests

Expert guidance

Connect with experts in your industry, resolve doubts, and get the right support to advance in your career

Build your profile early on for a positive impact later

This comprehensive process covers all ranging from the selection of subjects and best-fit career options to planning of breaks and test prep strategies. We design a road map for every student ensuring that the student is exposed to their own self and skills.

At Course Finder, we are devoted to assisting our students to become self-reliant, understand their interests and aptitudes, and improve their profile. And that’s why our students successfully leverage our career coaching services to meet their academic goals and optimize their potential


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