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Graduate scholarships and grants are some of the most basic forms of financial aid that are received by students. There are numerous graduate programs that not only offer scholarships but also financial aid to students in order to meet a diverse range of needs. Course Finder allows you to understand their criteria to secure finances by improving your scholarship applications

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Learn all about the application process, eligibility criteria, deadlines, and best practices with our highly experienced scholarship specialists

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Create the perfect scholarship application using our über efficient and reliable application checklist

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Get a complete guide of tips and tricks for writing a scholarship essay to double your chance of getting that dream scholarship

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Scholarships are awards of financial aid for students with specific characteristics that help them to continue their studies. We help you identify them, so you can appear shinier on your scholarship application and grab every opportunity of getting financial aid.

To start with, we analyze your high school or college academics and achievements to effectively ascertain your capabilities to get a grant. Our team of experienced professionals has a thorough knowledge of top institutes’ needs and requirements for scholarships. With Course Finder’s help, you can double your chances of landing financial aid


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