Setting up counselling laboratories in school

School students are often confused about which path to take. Setting up counselling labs will offer them ideas and help them make the right choice of career.

Students spend most of their time in schools. And they rely on academic institutes for career guidance. By imparting career-related information, you can guide students about where to go next.

And what better way to do that than a dedicated counselling lab?

Address communication problems

Students are hesitant to ask for help because they fear being invalidated. The mentor network within the counselling labs motivates students to ask about their life’s important decisions without the fear of judgement.

Unpuzzle life for students

Figuring out what to do after high school can be overwhelming for teenagers. A counselling lab will help them understand their options and make the right choice.

Make education interesting

The core concept of our counselling labs is to make academics more appealing, improve academic performance, and prevent young students from dropping out of school due to a lack of direction.

Ensure future-readiness

Most students are unaware of the competition they are up against in the real world. Our counselling labs will help familiarize them with the challenges and the future of their chosen field.

Counselling laboratories

The aim of Course Finder’s counselling laboratories revolves around clearly defining the purpose of counselling, expanding the field of career counselling, and creating a platform for students to get accurate information on industries they wish to pursue.

We strongly believe that once the labs are set up, it will only be a matter of time that more students will look forward to attending counselling sessions with lesser resistance and start focusing on optimizing their skillset.

A dedicated platform within the schools will also assure students that help is right at arm’s length for them. 


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