Market and position a positive image of your brand in the Indian market

Looking to expand your university to a country housing one of the largest student population in the world?

Course Finder can help you achieve that for your brand. Having worked in India for as long as we have, we have narrowed down a university’s branding process to three key components; good quality education, high credibility and reliability, and value-for-money.

We have developed an integrated model for success that perfectly complements the Indian mindset.

Achieve your vision

If you have envisioned your brand image in the Indian market a certain way, we can help you make it come true using a strategic branding process.

Identify key demographics

Work with us to know the demands of various students and schools in India to find the right student force and partner institutes for your university.

Find your roots

We house a team of counsellors that has been part of India’s education system since birth. Our know-how will certainly help you find your place in India.

Join the ‘dream market’

India is home to a young and emerging generation of human capital - sought after by the world's companies. With us, you can quickly access this potential pool of talent.

Marketing and Positioning

Course Finder can develop specific marketing and positioning strategies for your university and build a reputation, which can only be synonymous with excellence.

Our comprehensive marketing plan focuses on branding your prestigious university in the Indian market in such a way that it promotes a positive association between the two countries, not just among the students


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