Indian and overseas university fair for schools that care

Shortlisting a dream college can be tough. Therefore, schools can work with Course Finder to set up a university fair within the premises.

This will not only help students figure out their career paths but interacting with our professionals will also inform them about the skills they need to succeed.

Besides, our friendly counsellors will further encourage students to take up any extra classes needed to prepare them for their journey.


Schools can conduct a university fair to help students explore their options, provide study tips, and identify their career interests to reduce the stress of competing for opportunities.

Get seen by the top universities

We have placed 2000+ students in more than 70 overseas colleges and universities. Welcoming them to your campus might open doors not only for your students but also your institute.

Expert interactions

Offer your students the opportunity to interact with professionals from their desired fields to amplify their interest. Give them the power of knowledge about the global potential of their career path.

Add value

We believe a school’s job should not be limited to handing out graduation degrees. Schools must offer additional value to students who show a desire to pursue higher education to help them succeed.

overseas university fair

At Course Finder, we ensure students have the right guidance and support to find a career course that is right for them. That’s why all our programs are aimed at 360˚ reshaping of a student mindset towards their future right from a young age.

Our mentor network brings your students closer to those experts who can help students make important career decisions. They have access to vast industry expertise, which enables them to guide students through the latest trends in the job market of their chosen field.


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