Productive teacher-student interactions with Teachers Training Program

Schools have realized the power of preparing students for a world outside textbooks.

Thus, educational institutions across the world want to shift the training of teachers from simple content delivery to competency-based learning.

But they find their teachers to be ill-equipped to guide their students in classrooms.

Our Teacher Training Program aims to streamline the teachers’ efforts by introducing productivity in teacher-student interactions as they are designed to help teachers offer support to their students in finding their path to success.

Meet parents halfway

As institutes get a bad rep, many parents are rethinking a school’s role in their child’s development. Schools can prove students are getting value-based education in the classrooms via the program.

Nurture students

Parents want to know that the school is preparing their children for life. By discarding the current system, schools can ensure that they nurture their students’ values and attitudes for life.

Competitive advantage

A new approach to learning that can dramatically increase children's chances of success in college, career, and life. Schools can adapt our program to generate a competitive advantage over other schools.

Unique value proposition

Parents understand that academic knowledge is not enough for children. Using our Teachers Training Program, schools can prepare students for the real world and advertise this approach as an asset.

Teachers Training Program

Conducted in collaboration with the leading industry experts, the Teachers Training Program equips teachers to give career-related guidance to students at the school level.

Since only 8% of students receive career counselling in schools, our program trains teachers to become facilitators of learning to offer career guidance to students within the classrooms.

By setting up the Teacher Training Program in schools, Course Finder wishes to help students become aware of their strengths, so they can use them to achieve success and gratification in their chosen fields.


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